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More of us in January

January 27, 2012

I got pretty sick the third week of January, the kind of sick where you think to yourself that you have never been that sick before. I hate head colds, to me they are worse than stomach bugs. I doubt anyone in my house would agree, but I’ll take 24 hours of stomach bug over 4+ days of not being able to breath and never wanting to leave your bed again, any day. At least once you throw up you feel better for a while.

Sorry, that’s probably more than you wanted to hear, right?

So anyway, I’m feeling better, but I do feel like I just can’t catch up on things. This last week I’ve made progress at work, caught up on my freelance stuff, done some scrapbooking and article writing, and finally am sitting down to update this neglected blog.

So here’s more photos for January, I haven’t been too consistent in taking photos, but I am way better than last summer and fall. The Project Life binder has one week done, minus a couple embellishments and I’m close to having week two finished as well. So there’s some progress!

Anyway, here’s some shots.

JT got all signed up for Little League and has his first try-outs this weekend. Up until this year the kids were automatically placed on teams. Now they have to try out and will get drafted by certain teams. We’re pretty sure he’ll end up with a coach he’s had before, but we’ll know soon. He’s ready for baseball to start for sure.

Lulu got an American Girls baby doll for Christmas and she loves it, putting on new outfits and tucking her into bed. So sweet.

Lulu loves her kitty, and spending time with me at work. She’s coming to my office a couple days a week after her preschool program is over so I can get my hours in.

Joel continues to enjoy concocting drinks with his new mixer he got for Christmas. Here’s his version of a True Blood, with blood red oranges, cranberry juice and vodka. Yummy.

This photo cracks me up because Lulu’s backpack is almost as big as she is and she can fill that thing to the brim with stuff to keep her busy. She’s always working on something, this one. Love it.

I loved this photo, for a bunch of reasons, but how could you not love that silly ice cream grin? So funny.

Lulu continues to improve in her gymnastics class, and after a couple of weeks of struggling being the littlest, has risen to the challenge and is tackling things she thought she couldn’t. Never ceases to amaze me that a 4 year old can do this. Here she is doing a cartwheel off the end of the balance beam.

Despite the grumpy look here, right before this photo, he and I were laughing and having a good time. I think he wanted to express how much he hates doing his homework though and played up the drama for the camera. He does hate that homework though. We’re working on that.

Joel and the kids got me a knitting class for my Christmas present this year and I went to the first session this last Tuesday. I was pretty worried at first about being able to do cable knitting, but so far it’s going pretty good!


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