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Be Back Soon

May 1, 2011

Hey everyone, thought it was time I faced the facts…

I couldn’t even come up with anything creative for a graphic, which tells me I’m in need of a creativity refresh, and I’m stepping away from my blog, pinterest, and some blog reading for a bit to see if I can find my voice again.

I’m really busy with work and freelance jobs and the kids and something just needs to give a bit. I also need to make some lists. Like serious lists. Lists for the house and the kids and my Etsy store and just about everything in between, cause I am one disorganized mess. Lists, lists, lists, yep, that’s me for the forseeable future. Maybe somewhere in one of the those lists, I can figure out some creative things to blog about and then I’ll be back, but in the mean time….

I focusing on this

and this

and enjoying this

working here

and doing some other work too

and I’ll be knitting something for my store. it’s almost done. it’s really cute. and soft. really soft.

So catch ya soon.

Love, Tania

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