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April 9, 2011

I’ve been keeping myself busy lately with a bunch of projects. I will be opening my Etsy store Monday with a few things, along with tons of other Indie Business 3.0 students. But tonight I wanted to put up a couple things I have been working on.

I am very interested in dyeing wool for my own felting projects. I am super picky about colors I use in projects and never really find the right thing locally, and don’t trust computers to tell me what colors I’m getting if I order online. My first attempt at dyeing went well, I did a deep purple and a nice bright summer canary. I used a tutorial I found on YouTube for dyeing unspun wool with Kool-Aid. The grape/purple came out fantastic and I’ve been felting a dragon for JT, which is no where near ready to show you. But here is the yellow, with the Lemonade Kool-aid. This is about 2.5 oz of wool and I used 9 packages on it. I love the color, the photo doesn’t really do it justice. This wool will eventually become the first products I’m putting in my store 🙂

My friend Rebecca is becoming quite the pro at spinning and I kept throwing out comments about how she can help me mass produce yarn that I dye. She gave me her starter drop spindle so I can get a sense of how hard it would be to even low mass produce hand-spun yarn. I still have half the wool left to spin, but here’s my first attempt. I won’t be doing anything with this yarn other than making something for Lulu. I have a long way to go before it’d be worth even something to give away, and to tell you the truth, I don’t think spinning is my thing!

And I’ll be offering a free knitting tutorial very soon here on the blog, for this cute pattern I’m writing. There are a couple of things I want to tweek before it will be done, but this is prototype number 2 and I had to show off how cute and pink it is. Lulu has already claimed it as her wallet! Prototype 1 is one I use as my own wallet and one I made for a friend for her birthday. I’m just trying to find the perfect yarn for this type of accessory and it’s proving to be elusive, of course. I should try not to be so picky about yarn and wool, it would probably make my life easier in more ways than one!

So, I guess that means I’ll be back on Monday with my store opening info! I haven’t decided if I’m going to move this blog to live under my new brand, or if I’ll keep blogging here at pixelsnglue. This new Etsy store is definitely going to be a hobby business, I don’t expect to open up and be the new “it” thing and be wildly successful. That would be awesome, of course. I have to be realistic though, and with my work, some freelance work I hope to get on the side, the kids and all their activities, this Etsy store of mine will definitely just be a hobby for right now.

So enjoy your Sunday, it’s Opening Day for JT’s Little League, and I plan on being out at the fields until mid-day 🙂

Yellow and Blue Gingham Digital Papers by Kitschy Digitals found here.

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  1. April 22, 2011 6:40 am

    Oh, how fun! Everything looks so soft and scrumptious!

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