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Past & Present

March 9, 2011

Rachel Denbow/Smile & Wave posted a fun meme on her blog today and I thought I’d join in. It’s always interesting to revisit where were were, and where we are now. I’ve done this similar thing a couple times in scrapbook pages. List form seems good for today 🙂

Here’s me in 1996. A little photo booth photo, sorry for the crappy quality. I look at this pic and am amazed that this is actually me, haha!

The Past.

>> I wore makeup, lots of it apparently. I also did my hair daily, plucked those eyebrows, and permed my hair frequently (blech!). This is all significant because it’s a rare day that I do any of this, and perms will never touch this hair again, I can tell ya that, haha.

>> I lived in the High Desert in CA for a little over 4 years, from late 1994 to 1999. A place called Ridgecrest, CA. The only thing there is an old desert town and a military base. That’s where I met my sexy Navy Man, my dh (we all know that stands for dear husband, but he’d rather think it stands for designated hitter, haha).

>> I’ve always liked all types of music (being from a musical family will do that to you) but if I had to describe my tween and early teen years, I’d have to say I was a Hair Band Groupie, haha. I loved hair bands, even the really bad ones. Luckily 1992 changed all that when Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, and Alt Rock changed me forever. I’ll still listen to Alt Rock bands, but if I hear a Hair Band come on the classic rock station, I’ll probably change it!

>> The first concert I went to where my parents weren’t performing, or attending with me, was NKOTB. I caught hell for years after wearing the concert t-shirt in gym class one day in Jr. High School. Forever known as that nerdy girl that wore glasses and liked NKOTB. Yeah, that’s me.

>> The next concert I went to was Guns-N-Roses. I think my Dad was happier with me being nerdy, haha.

>> I was in Colorguard in the Marching Band. I was really good too. I was captain my senior year and was chosen to be a member of the Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps from Denver. But I chickened out after graduation and didn’t do it. I think I might have even lied to everyone about it too, saying I was cut from the team. I wasn’t. I was severely depressed and in a really bad place mentally. I can’t really say this is a regret because if I hadn’t quit, I probably wouldn’t have moved to Ridgecrest, and that was the single biggest decision of my life. I wish I hadn’t quit though. That would have been one amazing summer.

The Present:

>> I am a terrible sleeper. I got really bad after the kids were born, I crave time to myself and often give up sleep to get some alone time.

>> I make a mean cheesecake. I’m making a Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake for St. Patty’s this year 🙂

>> I am much more confident in many things now, especially being creative and sharing it.

>> Some days I just can’t handle the world and kinda retreat to my room. My iPhone with silly apps makes it way too easy to do that lately. Sudoku is my most used app.

>> If you didn’t know already, this family loves Baseball. I guess you can say I’m a new fan, something about watching your kid play and get excited about it. Awesome.

>> I’m really into the following singers: Janelle Monae, Duffy, Adele, and Florence & the Machine.

>> I live in crocs, not just the big bulky beach style. I have a pair of crocs for just about any casual occasion. Comfort is key to me and if that makes me less than stylish, that is okay.

>> 30% of my wardrobe is yellow, 20% green, 10% orange, and the rest are purples or neutrals. I think it drives my Mom nuts, she’s always wanted to put me on that show, what not to wear, haha.

>> My desk is truly a disaster. All.The.Time.

I think that’s all for now 🙂

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  1. March 11, 2011 3:01 pm

    So fun, T! Love that old shot of you, and I could copy the first “past” paragraph word for word, as well as the first “present” paragraph. LOL My desk is always a mess too, but a much less fun colorful mess than yours. I actually did sort of clear it off this week, but there’s still a lot of odds and ends on it (just grouped into more organized piles), a stack of papers to sort, and a lot of dust, since I didn’t it cleared off enough yet to get to the dust cloth that fell down between the desk and my printer stand. :b

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