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Days like this…

February 1, 2011

(hipstamatic photo with a Polaroid frame added)

Last weekend was really blah and rainy, I’d gotten used to the spring like weather we’re having here in Northern California and the rain was not welcome. Today is much better, but I haven’t seemed to shake the blahs I got. My kids have been fighting a cold and got to stay home with their Dad yesterday and I feel like I’m fighting something, maybe it’s just life, haha.

Lulu had lots of fun in her gymnastics class. She jumped right into the action, of course, and she did really really well. She followed instructions, burned off lots of energy, and felt like the star of the day. Her brother gets to do lots of fun things that she never gets to, and this is her first activity, so she really enjoyed that spotlight.

The class is really good. There’s no down time, from the moment those kids are asked to join the teachers on the floor to the minute they come back and get their shoes back on, these kids are kept busy. I love the program so far and the teachers seem really great.

These photos aren’t very good at all, but it gives you a sense of what they did. The started with floor time and did some running, skipping, and stretching. Then they broke into smaller instructor led groups and did some climbing and jumping on spring boards and mats, some time on the balance beams, and some time on the trampoline. She can’t wait to go again!

Lets hope this week gets better! I should be done with my sisters fingerless gloves soon, and I have a fun needle felted hair accessory to share this week too, so I’ll be back soon!

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  1. February 3, 2011 1:58 pm

    How fun! She’s adorable, and the class sounds terrific! At least there are some bits of sky visible behind your clouds, unlike the massive unending expanse of gray we’ve had here lately. We’re on day 3 of school closings due to ice. Yee hah. :p

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