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Happy 2011

January 3, 2011

It’s really weird to write that, 2011. Wow. 2011. Sounds good.

I started my New Year relatively quiet and that’s pretty much my plan for this year. Last year I wanted to tackle it all, I had a laundry list of projects to do, and I am the first to admit that those plans went quickly out the window. I’m playing it pretty easy this year. I’ve scaled back on my “hobby responsibilities” and am going to try to focus on the things I really do love the best: web design, scrapbooking for my family, blogging, and journaling.

I recently stepped down from The Lilypad as a creative team member, which was really hard to do, but I just don’t have the time to devote to it. As far as Creative Teams, I am going to stick with Rachel Young and Danielle Thompson/Kitschy Digitals, and will always scrapbook, don’t worry! In fact, every Friday I plan on sharing my pages here, whether I only finished one for the week or five, if I don’t have any of my own to share (ie life always gets busy), I’m sure I can find some inspiring ones to share with everyone as well. I have more blogging plans, wanna hear?

So, now, I know you are all thinking, here we go again. You’ve seen me make plans before and I haven’t followed through. But you might notice these are pretty easy-peasy things, it’s not rocket science over here. I have two goals for this year, building my blog back up and being more organized. That’s it. Pretty simple. I am sure I can do it. I’ll prove it to you!!

There are two things that are going to help me do this, my brand spankin’ new awesome computer and a great calendar I put together.

I had the whole week off last week and my major task was finding the most inspiring calendar to organize myself as possible. I started in the stores, really I did. No luck. Then I did a google search. Not so much. So then I went to Etsy, and wozzers, the options made me catatonic. I couldn’t decide. Take a look at my favorites. Images are linked to the respective stores…

These are all so cute I couldn’t stand it, but nothing was quite what I wanted. I wanted, no needed, something customizable, flexible, and functional. I needed a planner that was all me. I found this AWESOME shop, Crown Bindery, and got this fantastic little printable deal.
(photos from her Etsy site)

I also loved the way she does her binders, clean and simple, with style! However, I have way more scrapbooking materials stashed away, plus cardstock, binder clips and even laminate pouches left over from other projects, so I made my own binder. I might have to get one of her note pads though, so incredibly adorable!

So far it’s working, I’m using it! I will continue to use it. You’ll see. My one little word is Organization this year. I’m telling you it is, so now it’s official. Here’s to a happy 2011.

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  1. Jill permalink
    January 3, 2011 3:34 pm

    I LOVE it Tania! I know you can do it. Organization is the key. Oh…and I am totally jealous of the new computer. Hope it is making your life a little bit easier 🙂

  2. January 6, 2011 8:36 pm

    Love your plan and the idea of just picking a few things to focus on. I already feel like this year is speeding along with no one in the driver’s seat. Guess I need to jump in there and grab the wheel. Now I just need to create a map so I can figure out where I want to go! 😉

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