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Is it really Thursday?

April 22, 2010

So I went from blogging every day last week to not blogging again until Thursday, at least I’m consistent in my incosistency, haha! It’s been a busy week, at work, and at home. But luckily, it’s almost the weekend and I’m looking forward to finishing up 3 projects that have been on my plate for quite a while now. I’ll feel ALOT better once these are finished.

Now that it’s April, we’re in full Baseball mode around here. JT’s team, the Peanut Orioles, have had three games so far, his game last night was a rainout, but we’re looking forward to practice tomorrow and another two games this weekend.

He’s getting alot better on his fieldwork this year. Not afraid to go after the ball anymore!

Not sure what he’s doing with his mouth there, hehe.

Being the social butterfly he is, the dugout is his favorite part of the game!

He’s just too cool for words.

Thinking about his stance, trying to psych himself up for a big hit.

And he connects. He’s doing okay at batting, it’s a whole different game this year, no coach-pitched balls – they have a batting machine, and a “T” only after 5 pitches, still no strike-outs though. He’d do better if he didn’t close his eyes I think. He’ll be a pro by the end of the year. So far he’s made it to base at least once in each of the games, tagged someone out at third, and only had to use the “T” once. Not a bad start.

So what does Lulu do while JT’s playing? She organizes her own game of little sisters and little brothers of course. Telling everyone where to go and how to throw the ball and whether they missed or not. I’m hoping they’ll let her start T-Ball at 4, I can’t deal with another 3 springs of her hanging out only in the stands. She’s ready to play!

Already knows what ready position is!


She can pose and throw at the same time, headed for pro softball league all ready!

Who ever thought I’d say diaper bum and purple mitt in the same sentence? Too cute for words!

Lots of scrapping to do this weekend too. I’ll have a layout up tomorrow for Froggy Friday new releases and some CUTE stuff coming from Kitschy Digitals early next week. But first a layout and a sale!


I’m loving hanging out at The Lilypad! It’s so fun!

I made the Gallery Standout Blog with this layout, I needed a reminder this week about all the Lulu cuteness since her stubborness has really taken over at night, not wanting to go to bed. I have to constantly tell myself she won’t be two forever. Anyway, here she is all cuteness and baby chubs.

(credits here)


And Kitschy Digitals is having another sale, this time at 2Peas!

See you soon 🙂

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  1. April 23, 2010 7:57 pm

    And you were so inspiring me with your regular blogging! You can’t stop now! LOL 😉

    Loving all the baseball pictures!! JT looks so handsome in his uniform (wish my boys had nicer looking uniforms like his!!!) and Lulu is a total doll. The last pic of her cracks me up. Too cute!

  2. April 25, 2010 2:52 pm

    Wonderful photos, T, and I love your captions and descriptions… both kids have so much personality! Love, love, LOVE everything about that layout!!

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