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MMM, Cheesecake Goodness

March 29, 2010

I haven’t made a cheesecake treat for a while around here, our grocery budget has been pretty tight and who knew 7 year old boys ate so much! Learning something new everyday, LOL.

So I thought I’d post a few of the recipes I’ve had my eye on for a while. If you’ve tried any of these, let me know, and if you try any of these, come back and tell me how they went.

I found this Eggnog Cheesecake recipe right after Christmas via the Craft blog, but I’m definitely trying it next year, what I love is that it doesn’t use egg nog, just the ingredients for egg nog, which probably means it’s more like cheesecake than nog. Yum!

get the recipe here

I love mini cheesecakes, and I love Red Velvet cake, so these are a must-do. They got 5 mitts at Pioneer Woman’s recipe site, Tasty Kitchen, submitted by user “Red Velvet”


get this recipe here

And another 5 mitt recipe from Tasty Kitchen, this has my favorites, peanut butter and chocolate. OH YUM!

get this one here

I’ve had Irish Cream Cheesecake before, from a local Irish restaraunt that is no longer around, it pretty much started my cheesecake obsession, single handedly. This recipe from adds chocolate, and frankly, nothing sounds better to me than Bailey’s Irish Cream and Chocolate, and Cheescake! I had planned on making it for St. Patti’s Day, but like I said before, that grocery budget…

this one is found here

I am going to make one for Easter though, and I found the perfect one on I love Carrot Cake, don’t you? Carrot Cheesecake with Marzipan Carrots, how stinkin’ cute!!

find this recipe here

Oh geez, I’m on sugar overload just from looking at all that yumminess!

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  1. Jen permalink
    March 29, 2010 2:46 pm

    Yum!!! I made a Irish Creme Cheese Cake a couple of weekends ago…it was yummy but the recipe with chocolate looks so delicious. If you ever need to try these recipes on anyone, I am willing to help! Also, when I made my cheesecake, I stole your idea of using the animal crackers for the crust. YUM!!

  2. March 29, 2010 3:11 pm

    Those look yummy! Although I used to bake once in while (ages ago), I’ve never actually made a real cheesecake myself. I love eating them though… so much so that we cannot have them in this house. I gained 10 pounds last time we did. :-b My absolute favorite is Amaretto. Mmmmmmmmm…

  3. March 29, 2010 9:17 pm

    Girl, I feel fat and bloated just looking at those. I love me some cheesecake! My SIL makes a pretty good one every Thanksgiving. It is some kind of chocolaty, peanut-buttery goodness and looks almost like the one you have pictured from PW, minus the sauce. Could seriously eat the whole thing if there weren’t a lot of people who expected to get a piece, too.

    I feel inadequate. I have only made the traditional strawberry cheesecake. LOL

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