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Update and a coupon for you!

July 8, 2009

I think I must be the worst blogger ever. Or maybe it’s just that my kid has been gone these last two weeks and I’m just not the same without him. Regardless, sorry to keep anyone waiting on family or business news.

JT’s been attending a Vacation Bible Adventure (VBA) at his Grandpa Sam and Grandma Deb’s Church in Moraga. He left on the 20th of June and came briefly home for the holiday weekend. He’s back there now enjoying his last week. In the mornings they enjoy some VBA (also known as Vacation Bible School) with lots of neat things to do, the most memorable for him was going to a homeless shelter and helping out there. In the afternoon he’s been attending his Grandpa Sam’s “School of Worship Rock”. Sam is the worship minister at his church and was called to open a school for the kids in his congregation. He teaches them guitar, leads them in learning worship songs, it’s great fun for the kids and JT seems to be enjoying it. He’s the youngest one there, but got up on that stage with the rest of them. It was cute.

Lulu is growing and being so 2ish. Lots of tantrums, lots of crankiness, lots of silly control and testing games. Oh well, I guess that’s what 2 year old girls are supposed to do, right? She’s still adorable, won’t take off her cowgirl boots unless I force her, loves to sing, and is in general a complete nut, whom we adore.

Joel is working, I’ve been super super busy at work, and life lurches forward I guess.

In case you’re interested, here’s the latest releases in my store since I’ve been gone…
See Me Through Flowers

See Me Through Hearts

Funk It Up Kit

And for the few of you who actually stop by here, I have a coupon for that latest kit!

Well, a baby girl-trying not to go to sleep-is crying about a diaper and I have some dishes to finish. Off for tonight!

PS <—–I have a new (or rather old) blinkie back, CT'ing for Miss Shawna again! Yay!!

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  1. robin forman permalink
    July 8, 2009 9:36 pm

    We are so glad to have you back, Tania! It’s just not the same…

    I am sure you will be glad to have your little guy back- it’s nice to be able to send ’em away and slow the pace of life down just a tiny bit, but they are that much cuter when you get them back!

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