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The Great Pampo Visit of '09

January 12, 2009

My Dad has been visiting since last Wednesday and he left early this morning. We already miss him a ton! It’s been such a great week. A short list of activities we partook in.

  • Picked him up from the airport, came home, went for a long walk
  • Enjoyed home cooked enchiladas and home made salsa, Chicano Style
  • Celebrated a belated Xmas
  • Dad babysat while Tania and Joel enjoyed a very rare date night
  • Dad got a refresher on changing diapers
  • Went to the Oakland Zoo
  • Howarth Park visit
  • JT and Dad put together a Lego Project
  • Lulu said Pampo (nickname for my Dad, I used to call my paternal grandfather Pampo) and says Pampo Swwwweeeet
  • Lots of guitar playing, singing, and Lulu’s silly dancing
  • Dad got to watch JT play basketball

We were busy, and it went too fast.

Lulu started her little preschool/daycare today. I love Miss.M so much, she already sent me pics of Lulu’s first day and I haven’t even picked her up yet! I’m sure it went well, but I’m an anxious Mama today!

Sorry no photos to share, still no camera, but here’s my latest WST pages, not all are in my gallery yet, but will be soon, you can see credits there.

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