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December 30, 2008

So there comes a point in blogging, when you make a promise to visit and post several times a week, and you’ve been gone so long, that you begin to avoid it even though you have time. Sorry about that.

Life has been busy these last couple of weeks, to say the least. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling that way either! In our biggest news, Joel lost his job with one day’s notice. While it has been a breath of fresh air to have him home, and spending time with us, it sure is a scary thing to face right now. Luckily he might have already found something. Keep your fingers crossed that everything works out, please! If Joel does get a new job, we’re probably looking at him returning to something during the day, where he has more opportunity to make money – and keep his sanity. I can never explain to anyone, least of all him, how much it means to me that he was willing to stay home with our children while they were babies. He is so bonded with JT and Lu and I am so greatfull for all he’s done for this family. It’s funny how kids are different. At 16 months I never would have considered letting JT be watched by anyone other than family, but Lulu is so different. I can see her benefiting from some day care structure and social interactions. This girl is crazy. I tell my family that all the time, but I probably don’t talk about it online much, but she is a GO-GO-GO type of kid. Easily distracted, never sits still, attention span of a gnat, and determined too. Very different that what we’ve become used to with JT. Not that we don’t love her, she’s incredibly loving, funny, sings and dances, and has eyes that sparkle and a little voice that lights up the room, and pretty much controls daddy with a couple noises resembling words. We’re just not sure how we’re going to keep her busy and it’s pretty obvious to me, and increasingly to Joel and the grandparents, this kid needs SOMETHING. I’ve found one center I really like, it would require some sacrifices in our budget, but I think I want to make it work.

Christmas was spent quietly at my Mom’s, who went above and beyond to make us a great dinner and have lots of stuff for the kids. Christmas night we spent the night at Joel’s Mom’s and then had a nice early dinner with them the next day. It was great being there and we got a chance to see Aunt D and R & J too. The kids got lots and lots of clothes, some new stuffed animals, JT got a carpet for his bedroom that has a city on it complete with streets and an airport so he can play with his matchbox cars, and he loves it! He also got a new game for his LeapPad and has barely stopped playing it. Lulu got a cute little personal keyboard and is already serenading us with music and dancing to the beats. We’re looking forward to hanging out with my sister and brother-in-law tonight. They just got in from San Diego and are leaving soon for Colorado. I hear there are lots of new presents coming tonight too. We’re also looking forward to seeing my Dad soon, who’s visiting later this month! Ya! I got some sock yarn so I can make myself some wool socks, if I’m brave enough, and some new pattern books too. With a gift card I got a new wicker trunk for the living room that is holding all my yarns, knitting projects, and pattern books.

I have attempted two hats for JT and failed miserably both times. He was supposed to get it for Christmas, but is such an incredibly understanding kid, he knows I’m working on it and just says to do my best, haha!! Love him!! I finished some cute legwarmers for Lu. And a couple of scarfs for my sis and bro. Pics of all coming soon, so check back!

I am excited to say that I’ve joined the site {we are} storytellers as a creative team member {storyteller}. I love their philosophy of scrapbooking, and looking forward to working with the designers there (some of my all time favorites), the other {storytellers} and there are LOTS of fun new changes there, expanding their forums, new stuff! Hope you’ll join me! One big thing is a new open gallery. Take a look at their philosophy and see if you think it fits your scrapping goals, getting back to the basics and telling my family’s story is why I do this. It will be refreshing to focus on that. With accepting this new creative team, I unfortunately had to give up my spot on some of my other teams. It’s sad, but also something I think I needed to do to focus and still have time for some other things I wanted to do.
Here’s a page I did a week ago for one of thier blog challenges. You can view the credits here.
scrapbook page

I don’t have photos to share right now, but I’ll be back very soon and will share when I do. JT got glasses, he’s so handsome, Lulu loves the camera right now, she’s a hoot, and of course I’ll share all those knitting projects!

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  1. December 31, 2008 6:35 am

    Oh, I hope the new job for Joel works out! crossing my fingers for you.
    Every kid is different, so I hope the daycare for Lulu is just what she needs. Congrats on the new gig with WST- I know you’ve wanted that for a long time so I’m excited for you!

  2. December 31, 2008 4:00 pm

    Crossing my fingers for Joel too! I hope it works out!
    I’m so excited (and a little jealous!) for you about WST too! What a great gig!!!!! Congrats, Tania!!!!

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