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More busy days

August 4, 2008

Again, my energy continues, but hasn’t translated into weight loss, working on that.

Those making it through the first round of the Teacher’s Pet program were announced today and I wasn’t one of them. But I kinda knew that already, deep down. There was some amazing work in there. And the cool thing is Traci, Corina, and Chere, plus the rest of the FPD crew is committed to keeping us on board even if we don’t make it, to play along. So I’m sticking around to try and pick up some new techniques. Thanks to those of you who offered support along the way!!

Camera update: No camera fixed yet. But my friend Rebecca did get some photos off of my memory card for me! I also played with our film SLR a bit and put into practice some basic tips I’ve seen around the net lately. Plus, I found some awesome <a href=”“>vintage photo actions at DA and put them to use!
From the digital camera the day it had it’s accident, at the Oakland Zoo:

And from the film Rebel a week later at Santa Rosa’s Night Out at Howarth Park:

So as you can see, the depth of field in the SLR is much better, and I can only imagine how crisp the dSLR is, but I think I’m still going to wait. I’ve given up my Starbucks and am using that money every month to save for the digital Rebel I think. I should have it in time for Christmas 🙂

So, here’s the latest from my gallery of layouts. Enjoy and talk to you soon I hope!!

From Kim\'s Teacher\'s Pet submission

From Kim's Teacher's Pet submission

For Lauren\'s Creative Team Page

For Lauren's Creative Team Page

Using Emily Powers stuff from {we are} storytellers

Using Emily Powers stuff from {we are} storytellers

Lauren\'s new kit with fellow CT\'r Amanda Heimann (she\'s on Jess and Shawna\'s team!)

Lauren's new kit with fellow CT'r Amanda Heimann (she's on Jess and Shawna's team!)

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  1. August 5, 2008 7:56 am

    awww, look at Lulu- she is adorable! and JT is a total ham LOL! I’m glad you were able to recover your pictures from the card. I gave the kids the old point and shoot digi cameras to use the 2 days while I was at CHA and I haven’t explored those yet to see what is on them.
    Your LOs made me smile- thanks for sharing them!

  2. Rebecca and Mady permalink
    August 5, 2008 6:10 pm

    I really like your kit! I can’t believe school starts on the 20th for you, we are not till Sept. 2nd. I am so not ready for this big Kindergarten thing – this month is going to be crazy.
    miss you

  3. August 7, 2008 6:49 am

    Ooo.I especially like the “grew like a weed” one!! 😀 So sorry to hear about your camera! Bummer. I just bought a rebel XTi, and I’m in love with it. 😀 Good luck on what you decide. I, too had to save for mine. 😉
    Are you just dying to share your news? I can’t wait to post mine! 😀

    Looking forward to getting to know you!


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