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Hot n’ Cold

May 31, 2008

Gosh I’m a blog-flake these days! Maybe it’s the weather, two weeks ago we had record highs for May and now we’re sitting (un)pretty at a very windy 70 degrees. Why is it that I’m never satisfied with the weather? Uggg, makes me uninspired!

I meant to come back after my little trip and give proper updates, but I never get around to it. At least now that I’m back I have more layouts to share, that’s really what every one comes to see anyway, right?

Shawna teamed up with Zoe Pearn this week for a cute new release called Robo Buggy, I think I’ll have to use this one a couple times!

And the Studio Girls released a fab collaboration called Impressions of Fatherhood. Here’s what I did with Jessica’s part along with some other stuff from the kit.

Let’s see, T-Ball wraps up in 2 weeks. On Friday night the league had an ice cream party and they gave out the awards for the bat-a-thon fundraiser. The T-Ball A’s won with the most points in their division and one of the T-Ball A’s players won overall points for T-Ball too! Very exciting! I told my Dad that I’d upload some video of JT hitting on the coach pitches, but I am slacking on getting the video processed for upload. With good reason, I spent all day making packages of photos for the grandparents. All in one week we got JT’s school photos and t-ball photos back and I couldn’t send off those without printing some photos of Lulu could I! So anyway, look for those videos sometime this week.

I started the South Beach Diet this week. I once lost 30 pounds on South Beach and then gained it all back. So I’m giving it another try and maybe I’ll find a way to work excerise into my schedule so I can keep up the weight loss when I stray from the diet. If I do that maybe it won’t be so catastrophic to my ultimate goals. It seems like when I stray from a diet I end up turning my back on it because it’s easier than owning up to the fact I need to get back on track. So far so good. I have to admit I’ve snuck in a chip here or there, but have been mostly good. I just hate this lack of carbs slag I get every couple hours. I guess that’s my cue. Since it’s too late for a snack, I should probably take advantage of the yawns I’ve got and get some sleep!

Till later then…

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  1. Jill permalink
    June 2, 2008 11:13 am

    JT is totally adorable, even with the “Don’t Bug Me” face! He has such warm eyes : )

    Congrats on sticking with the diet too. It’s such hard work…but it’s worth it in the end, right?

    Miss you!


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