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Head above water?

December 1, 2007

Okay, this is me, admitting I have taken on way too much in my life while trying to go back to work full-time and being a full-time mom. I’d love to be a superstar scrapbooker, blogger, designer, forum hopper, and a creative team member to all my favorite designers. But I don’t think I can hack it right now. The holidays are coming, I’ve got friends I need to catch up with (BBB ladies!), I’ve got personal things I’d like to work on, gifts to make, life to live.

Ugggh, so I you’ll see a few less blinkies on the right, my “online” button at DST and MSA haven’t been on in weeks and I doubt they will be for many more. I haven’t played the Praise Game all month, and funny enough, I’m not missing those comments. If I make a kit I’ll sell it here and if it doesn’t sell, oh well. I just can’t try to open up shop somewhere, it’s not realistic.I hope I haven’t disappointed anyone lately, and if I have, I apologize.

So this is me, making some realistic goals for the next couple of months…
1. Enjoy my family to the fullest
2. Make gift albums
3. Blog at least 3 times a week about things other than scrapbooking
4. Take more pictures
5. Finish website
6. Scrap pages just for me
7. Keep in touch will friends, online and off
8. Strive to be GREEN
9. Be a good example to my children
10. Spend less and buy for a purpose

You’ll see a blinkie there to the right announcing that I’ve pledged to buy handmade for the holiday season. I’m doing this for a few reasons…First of all I’m in love with ETSY. Secondly, it’s good for the environment and for society. Third it supports artists and craftsmen. And seriously, who wouldn’t want a handmade gift?

A couple Sundays ago my darling son made me realize that I’m not REALLY thankful enough. We were out at dinner and there was a coloring contest (you know the ones created to keep kids busy in a restaurant). He colored a turkey, and on the page there was a place for him to draw a picture of what he was thankful for this year. He drew a picture of his dad. I looked around the place at all the other submissions, there were lots of pictures of televisions, ipods, toys, and there was my son, drawing his dad. I realized I hadn’t seen my Dad for Thanksgiving in 14 years. A couple days later I found out that my Dad lost his job again and the trip he was planning to come out and meet Tallulah and visit with us had to be postponed. I decided then and there that nothing was stopping me from seeing my Dad this Thanksgiving. So on Monday night of last week, Joel and I piled the kids in the car and drove 21 hours each way to spend the week with my Dad, the man I most thankful for in the world. We got home last Sunday night and it was the best trip I’ve ever had.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving as well!!

I also wanted to share this great brochure I found while perusing the new Yahoo Green pages. This brochure Simplify the Holidays by New American Dream has some really great ideas for ENJOYING the upcoming holiday season!So, that’s what is going on with me in a nutshell. I hope to see everyone around a bit more now that I’ve focused on some goals and prioritized the things I want to get done, including keeping up with all of you!

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  1. December 1, 2007 2:02 pm

    It sounds like you and I are doing the same kind of thinking, T. I’m glad you had a great Thanksgiving with your Dad! I did the same thing and spent TG with my Dad, who I hadn’t seen in 4 years. I hope your Holidays are really special and you are able to take it easy and really enjoy your family. Love ya!

  2. Rebecca and Mady permalink
    December 2, 2007 4:10 pm

    Was wondering all weekend what the handmade gift website was that you were talking about. It just occurred to me that you probably had it on your blog and sure enough! Going to check it out right now. Mady says hi and I love you to JT and Lulu.

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