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August 30, 2006

Rockstar: Supernova recap

Last night was the best night I’ve seen so far. The vocals from everyone except Storm were great, and it’s not all her fault.

So lets get a rundown of performances shall we?

We started the night with Lithium by Nirvana sung by Lukas, his fans choose this song for him, and early in the season Dilana had choosen this song as well. Interesting with their little feud. Dilana is always a solid singer, but Lukas brought something to this song I have never seen. Next to Smells Like Teen Spirit it is my favorite Nirvana song. Now I’m a child of grunge. I graduated high school in 1994. I wore flannel shirts over layers of unflattering clothing, skirts below the knee and huge ass combat boots from 1992 until 1995. No joke, I shopped at the Army Surplus, my Dad was in heaven, LOL! Musically, Nirvana knew 3 chords, Kurt Cobain was an okay singer, but there is something about the intensity of their music, well, quite frankly, it changed music forever.  Along with my all time favorite bands Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots, I won’t give Nirvana all the credit. But it’s hard for anyone to pull off a Nirvana song, and Lithium needed something special. And LUKAS, wow, he did it. Slowed it down in the begining, turned wails into notes, jumped it up. I felt a little like Lukas (or me) needed some lithium actually, which is the whole point after all. Awesome performance, interestingly enough, not the best technically. But he gets a 10 from me for effort, affect, and nerve!! It not only gave me chills, I felt a bit feverish!
Next up was Magni singing I Alone from Live, again, a fan choice. And interesting again, Magni’s already sung a Live song, When Dolphins Cry a couple weeks back. Live is one of the most interesting musical rock bands ever, almost every song has a balad tempo pushed into a rushing rock frenzy for a chorus. It’s really quite unique and what makes them even better is that the singer for Live is quite amazing. If they ever lose their singer, Magni can jump right in. No worries there. Again, Magni is a GREAT singer, and his performance was awesome!! Will it hurt that the fans choose something so similar to what he’s already done and we don’t get to see him do a range of things? Only time will tell, but I think he’s still in it. The band loved the performance, and well so did I!! Technically, I think he’s the best singer.
It’s so hard to choose who did the best last night…

Ryan Star, the Dark Horse. So, his fans choose Clocks by Coldplay. Not something I think is worthy of rockstar status, not that Coldplay isn’t awesome, but it’s a whole other genre, in my humble opinion. And that song is overplayed still, so it still kinda bugs me. But Ryan brought some intensity to that song, it wasn’t the same ol’ Chris crooning and moaning “ahooooo”. Ryan totally made it shine. Again, serious chills, and he looks SO adorable there playing the piano and jumping up on it, LOL!! Hey, looks definitely count for something!

Next up was poor Storm. Her fans choose a song that had been sung twice already in the competition, and a song that doesn’t match Storm’s vocal range or capability, and a song she doesn’t even know, Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life. Hard song, really hard. One that should only be sung by those which a huge vocal range, she was too low on her register the whole performance, and she didn’t know the song well enough to rearrange it to fit her voice. But that kinda proves what I’ve thought all along, she doesn’t belong in this competition. She’s been skating along on her huge personality, and when it came down to it, couldn’t step up.

Okay, the performance of the night goes to Toby Rand. The Aussie with the killer smile. He sang back up for Storm and pretty much stole her performance right from underneath her, it was too fun to see him jumping around in back of her singing the male vocals to the Evanescence song. Then he was up right after that with Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell. Great, classic, song. He had me jumping up and down along with the groupies he pulled on stage. See, he can do something other than rip his shirt off, LOL!!  He was awesome though, sang really well, played up the audience, engaged everyone,  there wasn’t one part of that he didn’t nail, and that’s why he got my vote last night. And I think he’s made a friend of Tommy Lee for life, LOL! Those two could seriously tear up the tour schedule with parties, I can see the headlines now.

The last performance was by Dilana, and of course the drama continued from last week, with fits and crying, and appologies, drama. But hey, TV loves drama, so, I stand by what I said last week, what lead singer doesn’t have drama? Her fans choose Mother Mother (I forget who sings this song). It’s a creepy, depressing, intense song about a runaway calling home to her Mother. If anyone can sing this song, it is Dilana, she did great. Next to Magni, she’s the best singer there, she can do just about anything.

At the end of the show and the first few minutes of voting, Storm Lukas and Ryan were in the bottom three. Not suprising really based on the performances, so that’s why I decided to change my vote from Toby to Lukas, and then remembered I can vote for as many people as I like, and as many times as I want. So for a good hour, I voted constantly for Lukas and Toby, throwing in a few votes here and there for Magni and Ryan too. I think Storm should go, and Dilana is safe no matter what happens. I can’t wait for the results show tonight. I think it’s safe to say, I’m addicted!!

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  1. August 30, 2006 1:14 pm

    I am now a supernova fan and so is my husband! I agree that Toby Rand stole the show and Lucas has amazing vocals!! Dilana has a great voice, but way toooo much drama. I have a feeling she may win the whole thing. How about the guy jumping up on the piano… that was cool!

  2. August 31, 2006 5:12 am

    that was an awesome show!! definitely the best yet! I’m with you all the way, cept i have to fight ya bout toby rand, lol!! I just cannot really get into him, and i thought in performance, and ability he was at the bottom of the pile. So how mad was i when last nite they got rid of my dark horse????? i was totally not a happy girl. Thought he was brilliant. sigh

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