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I must have missed my bloggin’

March 27, 2006

…cause I’m a jabbering fool!

While I’m waiting on the Night Owl Chat to start, I thought I’d blabber a little, LOL! The sun shone and the wind stopped, and the day was absolutely gorgeous, well, except for 2! tantrums.

Today was the first day in March I can remember it NOT raining. I was watching the news and it said there were actually 2 days, but honestly, I can’t remember the other one. I supose they are right, but 2 days isn’t any better than 1. So JT and I got out and enjoyed the weather. There is this park in town, it’s THE city park, it’s got a little train, and a carousel, and awesome play structures. Well, I live on the other side of town, so it takes a good 20 minutes to drive there. And there was no parking anywhere. An hour after setting out, JT and I finally found a “park” (as my friend Jamila would say), and we set off in a sprint down to the playground. My goodness we had a good time. He played so hard in the dirt, so funny! Don’t kill me, I didn’t bring the camera! The first tantrum of the day commenced when I didn’t have enough cash for us both to ride the train, so I got JT a ticket for the carousel instead. We ended up having to leave, he wouldn’t stop freaking out.

We got over it and went grocery shopping with Dad. Now, I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you that I’m a huge Trader Joe’s shopper. Do you have Trader Joe’s? LOVE this store! Almost as much as Target. We feed our family of 3 off of $50 a week in goodies from the Joe’s. Mind you, we’re a big leftover family, some nights we don’t make dinner at all, but still, that’s some power shopping!

Desperate Housewives is a new episode tonight, but Grey’s is a rerun. I wish they would both just be on the same schedule already, it’s starting to get ridiculous. Gabrielle is so nuts, that’s all I have to say about tonight!!

Well I should upload the sketch for tonight and get ready to chat. And yep, you guessed it, no previews, but I’m not going to bed until they are done, no kidding!!

Night Owl sketch

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  1. March 27, 2006 11:49 pm

    At least Grey’s re-run was a good one! I watched it again last night after the chat. I don’t mind them as much as the LOST reruns which kill me!

    And it’s ok to leave the camera home sometimes! It can be more fun when you’re not taking photos! 🙂

  2. March 28, 2006 10:39 am

    Yes I was bummed about Greys! I started watching Chicken Little and fell asleep.. so missed the Night Owl chat.. sorry I mised it. I love the sketch though!! Trader Joe’s is awesome… I go there all the time and recently I’m stuck on their green tea!

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