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Okie Dokie then

March 26, 2006

Here I am at, blogging, happy, finally ready to get on with my life. I haven’t been this obsessed with finishing something since I started my first kit, LOL!

So, let me just vent about JT here. This child is amazing, don’t get me wrong. But we are going through this little thing where he’s throwing these awful fits at least once a day. It’s going to drive me batty! Seriously, can’t stand it. I can deal with almost anything except a screaming, physically unresponsive, child. He’ll kick my hands away when I try to reach out to him, he’ll refuse to get dressed after bath, screaming his bloody head off, I’m sure the neighbors are ready to call Child Protective Services. But the worst part is, he’s being plain mean, and I won’t stand for that. I know it’s normal for 3 year olds to test their limits, and he’s in the thick of that. But I will NOT tollerate a mean child. He actually told me I was ugly the other night when I had to force him out of the bath tub. Well, I’m no beauty by any means, but UGLY! Not cool! I’m just not sure how to deal with this.

So later tonight I’ll post the previews for the Mom’s Advice prizes. Cute stuff! Lots of it too, it’s worth the wait, so thanks to everyone who’s been stickin’ with it.

So has anyone caught on to the Digi Bunch thing? Check out the blog here. I have a pretty good idea who two of them are. Looks interesting.

I haven’t bought myself new clothes since before Christmas, mostly because I was entertaining the idea of losing weight. Well today in Target I could NOT pass up this springy linen skirt. Now I buy clothes from Target, well never, I must have been jonesin’ for some new stuff because I had to have it. And a cute cardigan to match.
Now I feel like I can go to a Spring meeting at work and not be “last season”, LOL!

Joel is renting Walk the Line for us tonight, he’s at the gym right now. I just got JT in bed and should do some designing before Joel get’s back with the movie. Check back soon for previews!!

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  1. March 27, 2006 12:58 am

    Tania, I love the new site look! The orange and grey is very cheery. 🙂 I SO feel you with the JT thing. The development books I have read tell me that boys go through a phase between 3 and 4 when they have to establish their separateness and “manhood” by basically destroying their mothers. I am not looking forward to it, although James is already in major tantrum phase and pushing me away like that too. Don’t you dare take it to heart – you are a beautiful woman inside and out!!

    I’m going to Target today! I love your new wears. 🙂

  2. March 27, 2006 11:56 pm

    Love the colors! This looks great Tania! 🙂
    It sounds like Taylor has the same thing as JT! She can be mean and have tantrums too. I call her the drama queen and make fun of her when she does it – but I can because I’m an aunt. So I’m sorry you’re going through this.

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