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Back at Work

January 9, 2006

Well, it’s lunch time at work and I’m just getting caught up on blogs and such. It’s going to be really hard not being at home. This morning was super rough on me and well, JT came super close to a melt-down. Although his Dad is awesome at distracting him and I’m sure once I left, it was back to the routine no problem.
Work is okay, it’s quiet around here, quieter than I remember. Maybe me and my co-worker Rebecca, having been gone for 3 weeks, changed the Aura around here a bit. I bet they didn’t miss us at all! We got a reward for best recycling company in town (how funny!) and I have to take a picture for the Newspaper. So “no-make-up” me is going to be right back…
Okay that sucked. I hate pictures.
I hope I make it home in time for the Gallery Mixer tonight at RAKScraps (9 PM EST, that’s commute time for me!), it’s been months since I made it to a Mixer.
I’m in San Diego tomorrow for a meeting. My flight leaves Oakland at 6:55 am, which means I have to leave my house at 4:45 am. I decided not to spend the night, so my flight is getting in tomorrow night at 8:20pm. That’s two trips to the airport for Joel and JT and a very long day for me. SOOOOOO good to be back to work. Although I wouldn’t miss this meeting for anything. We’re starting the planning of a 3-day Conference next October and if I’m not there to steer my own goals for the conference, I’ll be stuck coordinating an event I have no input in. Ahhh, Event Planning, ever consider it?
So there is a great new year-long challenge starting up at the Digi Chick to document our lives in a Book About Me. There will be weekly Journaling prompts and a monthly layout. I’m using this blog as my journal, so expect my first entry tonight.
Well, lunch is about over (10 minutes ago maybe, LOL).
And I forgot to give an update on my diet, it’s going so easy that I hardly think about it! Down to 171, that’s 5 pounds in 7 days!! I love the South Beach Diet, this is exactly how it went last time too. Except I’m in that can’t fit in the skinny clothes phase and don’t want to buy clothes that actually fit, so I’m wearing my fat clothes for 3 months, which will get really baggy in about 2 weeks until my friend Jamila comes to visit and reminds me that my jeans are too big. God I love that girl!

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  1. January 10, 2006 6:47 pm

    I need a friend like that to tell me I need to get new clothes! LOL Congrats on the weight loss!

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