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A Chick's Life Journal Entry

January 9, 2006

So here’s my first Journal entry, my goals for this week are to find an album/journal to use for the year, and to finish Week 1’s layout. If you haven’t heard about It’s a Chick’s Life…Scrap It! over at TDC yet, check it out. Michelle Adams {Rynonut Mom} is leading the challenge/inspiration. It sounds like alot of fun, and a great way to document your life, for yourself and for our future generations.

Week 1-Jan 8 – 14, 2006. 2005, The Year in Review.

Well, this week we are journaling about the year 2005. The year that just ended, 10 days ago. I have to say that all in all it was an interesting year. A year that brought tears, a scare, some changes, but in the end, I think the thing I will remember most is the enormous growth that has occurred within our small family. Not because we added any new members, and not because we lost any either, but because I think I’m finally comfortable with what my life is. It certainly isn’t what I had imagined 4 years ago, the week I got pregnant with Jeremiah, and a month and half before I knew he was coming. But I think last year, 2005, I finally came to terms with what it is, have become comfortable, if not in my own skin, than in the place we are currently at.
I think the biggest change last year was that Mom and Andrea got their own apartments in June when we were forced out of yet another house we were living in. Mom and Andrea moved in when JT was 8 months old, when our little family was still very, very new. While they provided an enormous help to Joel and I, I think it may have gotten our little family unit a little off kilter. In the 7 years of marriage that Joel and I have shared, it was the 2 years that we co-housed with Mom and Andrea that were the hardest on us. Since July, armed with a fresh start and forced into depending only upon each other, I think Joel and I have finally found a happy place again. While I miss the constant companionship that Mom and Andrea provide me, they truly are my best girlfriends, I think that Joel and I have regained a friendship we lost when I had my two best girlfriends so close. And I think Joel feels he has a more important place in the family, and I’m sorry he ever thought he lost it. For 2006, my goal is to be more comfortable in my own skin, so that I might feel better about myself, and not so anxiety ridden when I am home alone with JT, something I feel I really need to do for my family.
The other big change for me is joining the DigiScrapping Community. I stumbled upon a new hobby in early March, a hobby that seemed perfect for me. I had always wanted to scrapbook, and never really got into all the papers and time that scrapbooking entailed. I also had collected an untold number of photographs since JT was born, and I needed an outlet for them. What better hobby then than digital scrapbooking. What I never expected was getting involved in the community in which it thrives. I’ve never really had a large group of friends, I’m actually extremely shy, have always only had a few friends, and depended upon others to draw me out of my shell. Although I’ve never actually “met” any of the wonderful friends I’ve met on the Digi Scrap message boards and in the galleries and blogs, I feel I’ve developed a community of people I have a great regard for, and who in turn, also respect me. It’s amazing and I’m so appreciative of the friendship, inspiration, and encouragement they’ve given me.
The last big change, isn’t within me, or my family as a whole, as it is in the little 3 year old munchkin who grew so very much in 2005! What a kid he has become, firmly leaving the toddler and baby he used to be behind. Wow, how much difference a year makes when a child is so young. He makes jokes, rides a bike, talks back, and definitely has developed his own sense of self and individuality. Once in a while, he shows sprinklings of baby-dom. Most often though, he is testing his limits and boundaries, looking for loopholes in the rules, and growing more and more into a kid, who has a big heart, lots of spunk and a whole lot of talent. I look forward to watching him grow even more.

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  1. January 10, 2006 6:41 am

    It seems that 2005 was a wonderful year for you, Tania, and I’m so glad! I know exactly what you mean by having friends in the online community that you’ve never met but just feel connected to. I wish you an even better 2006, sweetz!

  2. January 10, 2006 6:44 pm

    Wow I totally have chills after reading that.. sounds like an amazing year of growth for you! 2006 will be even better! And yes, digi scrapping is amazing!

  3. January 10, 2006 6:46 pm

    Wonderfully written!!! I had made a note of this challenge when I saw it announced, but haven’t found time to go check it out since it started. This sounds like something I really would like to make time for. šŸ™‚

  4. January 11, 2006 6:23 pm

    Amazing journaling, chica. This sounds like an awesome challenge. And what, you’re shy? Get outta here. LOL I never would have thought that!

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