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Starting the New Year off!

January 2, 2006

Wow, the last few days have been crazy!! I went to see RENT on Friday night with my Mom and Sister, we had a blast. And my silly Mom left the theatre signing songs from La Boheme. Which I told her was absolutely awful! She must sing RENT, no La Boheme (RENT is based losely on La Boheme). She’s such a purist, and can’t stand most remakes and especially updates. I thought she was going to die when I made her go with me to Baz Luhrman’s William Shakespear’s Romeo & Juliet (with Claire Daines and Leo DiCaprio). Anyway, RENT was awesome! And since I’ve never seen any of the original cast, seeing some of them in the film was so cool.
Well, on our way home, in the midst of the largest rain storm I’ve ever seen in Sonoma County, we heard the first Flood Warning had been put into effect for Urban and Creek areas. Well, we’re Urban and live right next to a creek. Driving over the bridge we saw it was literally at it’s banks. Well, it’s still raining, and God’s been good to us, cause so far, no run off has effected us. Many of our Sonoma, Napa and Marin County neighbors haven’t been so lucky. I tried to find you some good photos of Fairfax, CA. Where our good friends Ed and Brenda live at the base of Mount Tamalpais, which is sliding away as we speak, but nothing good so far. I’m sure Ed and Brenda will share pics with us.
We were supposed to spend New Years Eve with them, but they woke up at 6am to massive flooding and we continued to get rain as well. And I woke up on New Years Eve at 4am, with a HORRIBLE stomach virus. I spent the next 12 hours totally sick and puking, and sleeping in between. Joel had to go to work at 8am, so poor JT was stuck with me and SpongeBob all day long until my Mom arrived at 1:30 with some crackers and 7up. Now she’s sick and school is supposed to start back up tomorrow. I hope it was as quick for her as it was for me.
So I’m feeling better, and with such an untimely purging, I decided there was no time like the 2nd day of the New Year to start back on my diet. 2 years ago I lost 30 pounds on the South Beach Diet. I am definitely a Carb addict, and South Beach totally worked for me. Well somewhere around the time I became addicted to digiscrapping (hmmmm, coincidence, I think not) I started gaining all that weight back, up to 25 pounds of it! So no more, I’m back on Phase 1 and taking DH with me, LOL! He’s so miserable, I love it.
So yesterday, still not feeling well, all I managed were some crackers and some Chicken soup. Then today I woke up with a Turkey wrap (lettuce, turkey, dijon baby) and a coffee. For lunch it was some grilled chicken on romaine lettuce and a cheese stick. For snack I had a small amount of nuts and a celery stick with humus. For dinner I made grilled salmon, asparagus and a tossed salad. Then (what I LOVE about South Beach) for desert it’s sugar free Fudgecicle all the way!! DH has already cheated 2 times! While JT and I were signing and dancing to his new CD, Joel snagged half of JT’s PB&J sandwhich and a handful of JT’s Gorilla Munch cereal!! That stinker!! I’m feeling positively FAMISHED! All I can think about is food. It’s awful! But it feels good too, knowing that in 3 months I’ll have shed 15 pounds, and in 6 months I’ll have shed close to 25 pounds and in 12 months I’ll have almost reached my goal! (As long as things go like they did last time)
So here’s my official weigh in, January 2nd, 176 pounds. Goal weight is between 135 and 140. You’ll be hearing alot from me about weight loss, so hold tight!
Oh and who knew that some soy sauce, a little seseme oil, some garlic cooked with some chicken and put on top of Romaine lettuce could taste so dang good! Thanks Joel for cooking up lunch, hope the grilled salmon is just as good!

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  1. January 2, 2006 7:27 pm

    So glad the flooding missed you and that you’re over that nasty stomach bug. Hope the diet goes well!

    I just emailed you some screenshots of what I’m seeing as far as alignment on your blog in IE. After I sent them, it occurred to me to try another browser. It looks fine in Firefox. HTH!

  2. January 2, 2006 8:52 pm

    Hey Tania…good luck on the weight loss! I’ve been trying to decide if I want to do South Beach or Weight Watchers. Just can’t decide what will work for me right now. Hmmm…maybe once I decide we could be cheerleaders for one another. LOL

  3. January 3, 2006 5:25 pm

    Glad you liked Rent! Too funny about your mom singing La Boheme!
    Good luck with South Beach. I utterly failed with that one. I can’t live without carbs, but I do need to get back on a diet. I ordered a salad for dinner so does that count?

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