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I might be a little MIA

October 19, 2005

Just letting you (well those of you who read the blog, LOL) know that I have some deadlines I’ve made for myself, both scrapping and personal, that I’m focusing on this week. So you might not see me around much. I am going to try my best to keep off the forums, LOL. Maybe I’ll have dh disconnect the internet so I can’t get distracted. But I’ll be back for sure on Sunday night for the Night Owl Chat, I already have a challenge planned for the chat and one of the deadlines is getting some kits made, both for RAKScraps and for the boutique at Digital Freebies, so I’ll have a little something for the chat and a prize for the challenge too. It will also be a continuation of the color scheme Robin and I have been doing all month 🙂
On another note, I’ve finally joined p4d as a Commercial Designer, so you’ll start seeing ads from me, probably tomorrow :). I was a little down yesterday, especially after seeing my sales for last month, and I have to say I almost quit all but RAKScraps. But I slept, realized how much I truley dislike my “day” job right now, and really tried to focus on why I like to do this anyway. Thus, the deadlines and re-energizing 🙂 I’m here, and I’m here for the long run. I also have to get this house in order. Still have boxes from the move in the bedroom. Still have a mess in the closets. I got JTs bedroom organized last weekend after the influx of presents, and I realized the whole apt. needs this! Maybe if my home & space is looking/feeling better, my mind will be more at ease as well. I think downsizing from a house to an apt was a bit harder on me than I thought. I need to trash so much stuff we don’t need and declutter. I just can’t stand the stuffiness. Anywhooo…
Oh, one more thing, JT and I have a Potty Toot, he finally went poo in the toilie 🙂 Yippeeeee!!!
K, I’m off 🙂

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  1. October 20, 2005 10:48 pm

    hi sweetie…glad to know that you are not giving up! Let me know anything I can do to help…I will toot away for your work…you are an awesome designer. I will whip you if I see you on the forums too much, lol…though I will miss you. Big honkin hugs! Oh…and doing the happy potty dance (that is what I did with Chase) for you two! Way to go!!!

  2. October 21, 2005 1:26 am

    Hey Tania! We sure will miss you if you go MIA. And you are a FANTASTIC designer!!! Congratulations to you and JT for the poopy achievement. LOL!

  3. October 21, 2005 9:22 pm

    I was so happy to see your ad! 🙂 But don’t quit RAKScraps on me! LOL! You’re one of the people who make it so much fun!!!! Can’t wait to see the next part of the funky series!

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