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October 5, 2005

So I’m driving home from work today, I usually listen to the news (I know, I’m a big nerd). Anyway, I switched over to Live105, the Bay Area’s rock station (they used to be alternative, but I have a hard time calling them that now). Anyway, I digress, a Nine Inch Nails song came on that I haven’t heard in YEARS. So this song reminds me of a long lost friend, a friend who was key to my meeting my hubby. He was in the Navy, but not like the other Navy boys in town. He was sooooo smart and funny. Kinda a nerd like me, but this boy could get the girls, let me tell ya! Big reason we never hooked up. He was a playa! So anyway, we had good times. We used to get totally drunk in his barracks room and turn on Nine Inch Nails (and other goodies) and pretend we were ravers and dance our asses off. He was this funky “trip-hop” wanna be dancer, so funny. We would sit under the stars at parties and discuss the similarities between Star Wars and Shakespeare, recite Beat poetry to eachother, argue politics. Let me tell you those Navy boys thought we were freaking nuts!!! So then this new guy comes to base and starts hanging out with all of us. That would be Joel, and he was just as intellectual and quirky as my Ryan, but not so much a player. 10 months after I met Joel we were married, and Ryan and I began to drift apart. The last time I heard from him was a Christmas card 6 years ago, just before he married a girl and settled down in Kansas of all places. So I know my Seme would never stumble upon a scrapbooking blog and see this particular post, but I just had to put it out in the universe…Seme, if you can hear me…God is Pooh Bear, and don’t ever forget it!
So I guess why I’m posting this is because I’m missing Erin, she’s been in Aulstralia a month now and I just can’t see myself going another 11 months without her. I’m sure it will slip by, but it’s hard to see that now. I’ve also been drifting away from some other friends lately too. I’ve been in quite a funk lately, I’m not sure what the root of it is. But I think hearing that song made me realize I don’t wanna lose anymore people I am close too. So (I’ve been resolving things all week) I resolve to spend more time with friends, call them, make plans, visit, send cards. I just can’t lose another Seme.

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