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I've been tagged!

September 24, 2005

Emily (SheScraps), a new (fellow) Element Design team member at The Digi Chick tagged me. So here are my 5 quirks…

1. I always read the last page of a book when I’m only 2 chapters into it. I’m not sure why, it doesn’t have to be a mystery or suspense, I even check the last page in a romance novel, and everyone knows the heroine and hero get together in the end. I just have to know what happens, lol. Actually, I’m like that with all suprises, I even got punished for opening and re-wrapping a present once.

2. I start way more replies to threads (on message boards) than I actually finish. This is an embarrassing one, my insecurity shining through here. I’m such a lurker. I read most everything on the boards, but more often than not I won’t click reply.

3. I have got to have my Iced Venti Soy Latte (Starbucks, preferably) everyday by 11 am or I have a meltdown. Since I travel for work, often to rural areas in California, this can pose quite a problem in some places. I make my own at home, but if I run out of soy, I won’t use milk. Starbucks ran out of soy once and I refused to get anything else, just drove to another store, luckily, there’s one every couple blocks here at home, LOL!

4. (Another food one) I’m such a meat eater! I insist my son eat all his veggies, but I hardly touch my own. I’m much more of a meat & potatoes kind-of gal. My favorite is chicken, but I love beef too. Now, I’m not such a big fan of pork, but I do like ham. I can pass on Turkey. I won’t eat the exotic meats. Okay, so really, I’m more of a potato gal, any way, shape, or form. I love potatoes (can anyone say Carb Addiction?)

5. I don’t like dogs, if you’re a family member reading this, you might already know. Some friends might know too, but honestly, I keep it a secret from folks. People get so offended when they hear I don’t like dogs! Really, I can’t stand the licks, or the constant need for attention. I can’t stand the smell or the panting. Messy dogs are much worse than neurotic clean dogs. Little dogs are so much worse than big dogs. And my Mom’s chihuahuas, Ai! Dios mio!! They drive me crazy! Give me a kitty anyday!!

So, I’m going to tag HappyRobyn. I’m a big fan of her layouts, especially her Heritage layouts, and the challenge she has at Digi Chick. I haven’t actually participated yet, as I don’t have a lot of Heritage photos. But I recently did my first Heritage layout (see below). Anyway, I’d love to get to know her better, so that’s why I’m tagging her.

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  1. Sandra aka sand-gal permalink
    September 26, 2005 12:50 am

    It was great to read your five quicky things, I also do number two, I lurk a lot but not that many comments.

  2. September 26, 2005 2:50 pm

    It was fun getting to know more about you, Tania! I’m a board lurker too – sometimes I even type up replies and then think better of it just before hitting submit.

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