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Is it Sunday already?

September 4, 2005

Thank goodness it’s a 3-day weekend. I can’t believe how fast it goes nowadays. Is that a word? Anyway, I’ve been keeping myself busy. JT used the pedals on his trike today, for about a block, before he went back to the Flinstones push he prefers. This is major progress! We also had a really good weekend. I’ve pulled back on the potty training a little. And he’s doing fine with it.
I haven’t yet blogged about what happended last weekend with Mom. I think it just scared me so much, I haven’t really been dealing with it. When I got the call that she was in the hospital from Andrea I wasn’t expecting what I saw when I walked into the ER. She was convulsing, couldn’t talk, couldn’t move. I truely thought she was having a stroke. She’s sitting here doing laundry and feeling so much better. I can’t believe it was just a kidney stone. She looks back to normal and I’m hoping it passed.
I’m also having a hard time processing all the devistation with Hurricane Katrina. Everytime I watch the news I cry and cry. It’s like 9/11. I’m just going to have to stop watching, which sounds so insensitive, but I just hurt so badly for these people. I’m donating as much as I can, I wish I could go there to help.

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