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Sweet Potato Fries

August 10, 2005

The hot topic at the lunch table today (among others of course, hehe) was French Fries, the best kind. We all struggle with our kids not eating enough vegetables, and lets face it, we often say POTATOES are VEGGIES. Well, we all know they’re not of course, but when you’re stressed about what your toddler will and won’t eat, you’ll settle for a Potato in the Veggie group any day.

apparently, there are now good ol’ American Sweet Potatoes (actually veggies) being served up in the good ol’ American style of French Fries (you do know the French don’t fry their potatoes, right?). They even come in frozen in bags, just like O’Reida!!!

So here’s what made me laugh, someone at the table says, “Oh I had those! At a Chinese restaurant in Louisiana!!!”

Can I just say, WHAT? Louisiana, Chinese restaurant? I thought these might actually be mutually exclusive, but to hear they also serve Sweet Potato Fries! Now I know that Louisiana has a very diverse population and you can’t really call Louisiana anything but a melting pot, and I’m fully aware that they fry everything in the south. But come on, Shrimp Gumbo and Fried Catfish are more of what I think of when I think of Louisiana. Not Sweet Potato French Fries at a Chinese restaurant.
Just another reason I need to visit Bourbon Street I guess.

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