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Be thankful

July 13, 2005

So a blog I read and some photos I saw today reminded me that I need to be more thankful for the wonderful things in my life, more patient with my son and family, more considerate of other’s and an all around better person. Life inspiration comes from places you would never think sometimes.
Maybe this is the turn I needed to get me feeling a little happier, I’ve been in such a funk lately.

Inspiration, I need some, I haven’t been able to do layouts lately, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with the creative team at RAKScraps. There’s so much going on there, since it’s grown so much lately, that I can barely keep up. Scrap store, kiddless, here I come.

JT had the worst tantrum last week, and I’m still kinda freaked by it. I couldn’t believe how awful it was, but we were leaving the toy store and he didn’t want to come, so he laid on the floor and started screaming, I got those looks like “get that kid outta here!” and picked him up to move him and he wailed and slapped me across the face. I promptly escorted him back to the store where we bought a rubber ducky to relpace the one lost during the move, and returned it to the clerk, who was SHOCKED that he was having such a huge fit.

I didn’t know what to do, it was awful. I’ve been feeling pretty bad about it since, down on myself as a mom. Then I read this blog today from a mom who’s got real kid issues, both her children have been born with developmental disabilities, the youngest also has health issues, and they are both under 4 years old. Now this woman has got issues. Please forgive me forever thinking that I have it sooo rough.

Well, there you go, an update to this very boring blog.

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