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Give it a go

June 4, 2005

So I’ve decided to give this blogging thing a try. I’ve been blogging on MySpace for a few months, but only my friends have been reading, (real “friends”, not cyberfriends). So I thought I’d take the blog to a blog site and see what happens. Does blogger let you search for people with similar interests? I hope so, love to find some scrappers out there.

I got home from Fresno last night. It might possibly be my last trip to that retched city for a while. That makes me happy. Traveling for work is fun, but not when your region is the Central Valley of California. There are some gems in the valley, Visalia is one of them, but there are some armpits too. Fresno is one of those Armpits. I can’t stand it. I just got a new project at work, which means I have to give up a project, I choose the Central Valley. This is going to be good. I do have 2 more trips to the Valley this summer, Merced and Bakersfield, but at least it’s not Fresno.

So let me clarify this see a Faerie, get a RAK thing. I’m a creative team member at Which is a digital scrapbooking website. I create digital kits for scrapbookers to use in their designs. It’s a fun hobbie, and RAK is a great site and community. So here it is, if you’re a RAK’r or just a scrapper, and you’re reading my blog, you may see a Faerie hiding somewhere once in a while. If you see one, email me, tell me where you found her, and I’ll send you mini-kit. My little game to get people to read this blog thing.

Anyway, that’s all for now. My goal is to make this blog interesting, I’m not the most interesting person, so I’m not sure how this is gonna go.

Tania aka lunafaerie

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