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Spring Ball

March 16, 2013

I find myself so busy these days, that I don’t pay attention to this ol’ blog -at all- but it’s important to me to chronicle these first days of Lulu’s first softball season. She is so incredibly excited to be playing softball, I can’t even explain how proud and accomplished she looked today. She made two outs and did one inning as catcher. I love t-ball, it’s probably the cutest thing in the whole world!

game1-atbat1 game1-atbat2 game1-catchter1 game1-catchter2 game1-catchter3 game1-catchter4

Here’s a couple videos for the friends and family to check out. If you aren’t my friend on facebook, I don’t think you’ll be able to see these. If you want to add me as a friend, you can find me on facebook at If you are friends with me on facebook and still don’t see the videos, try logging in and see if that helps.


September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!! Things have been hopping around here, kids back in school, working on some freelance sites, work is really busy this fall, and my sister had a baby! She was amazing, labored long and hard and two weeks ago today my little nephew Liam joined the world. Mom is doing good and their little family is adjusting. So happy for my sister and she’s got herself two awesome men in her life now.

JT is in Fall Ball again this year. He lives for baseball this kid. Last Spring was a good season for him personally, he had a lot of growth, but their team just lacked the wins. This fall his team is undefeated and these boys are flying on cloud nine. It’s fun to watch winning games, I could get used to this! He is also adjusting to school this year really well, which I couldn’t be happier about. I brace myself every fall for school starting, but he jumped right back in, and even joined band. He’ll be playing trumpet. Can’t wait for the practicing to begin, haha!!

Lulu continues to amaze us with every new thing she tries. She started Kindergarden this year, just two days after her 5th birthday. She is hitting baseballs, tumbling in gymnastics, adding numbers, writing her name, and wowing us every chance she gets. Love this girl so much!

My kids

It’s that time of year when I start to feel overwhelmed with all my obligations. This year I decided to cut back on my scrapbooking teams a bit early so that I’m not stressed during the next few months of birthdays, school stuff, and the holidays. Right now I’m only going to be scrapbooking for The Ardent Sparrow. Saying goodbye to my teams was tough, and a few of them kept the door open for me to return when I’m ready, so I’m very happy about that.

The Ardent Sparrow’s store recently moved to Design House Digital, so you’ll find all Rebecca’s kits there now. Here’s a couple new releases she has mixed in with some older stuff of hers as well.

Products Used:

Sweet and Spicy Papers
Sweet and Spicy Doilies
Paper Strip Templates
Lulu Page Kit
Pocketful of Posies Page Kit

Dressed Up Kids

August 10, 2012

Sorry for being so absent, life has just been keeping us so busy. The biggest event was our dear friend’s wedding last weekend in which my kiddos and I participated in the wedding party. I was a bride’s maid and JT and Lulu were the ring bearer and flower girl. They were awesome!

Here’s a quick page I scrapped with the only pictures I managed to take myself of the kids that day. I’m hoping more will make it my way in the days to come.

Dressed Up {digital scrapbook page}

Supplies Used:

“The Polly Kit” from The Ardent Sparrow.



July 27, 2012

I don’t have a layout to share this week for my Layouts on Fridays posts. Things have been pretty busy around here on the home front. I did manage to finish making a necklace and earings for a wedding that the kids and I are in next week. I very rarely wear jewelry, and I needed just the right piece. It was fun learning some techniques for jewelry making and I have a much bigger appreciation for those home-based jewelry designers after this for sure! Here’s a little instagram of what I created.

I hate to say that things might not be better for me next week, but I should be back on track in August. (Is it horrible of me to say that I can’t wait for my kids to be back in school??)

Layouts on Fridays

July 20, 2012
Couldn't Have Asked Digital Scrapbook Page by Tania Shaw

Another Friday installment of new releases at One Story Down! The third weekend of every month is the Block Party over there and one collab kit is released by two or three designers, then the other non-collab designers in the store can release new product inspired by the collab and the color scheme, so there is always lots to pick up and it all coordinates nicely.

There are also fun Block Party challenges you can participate in to get you using those new goodies that you just “have” to have 🙂

This first layout is for the Scraplift Challenge and includes the One Fine Day Borders that The Ardent Sparrow contributed to the coordinating products.

Couldn't Have Asked Digital Scrapbook Page by Tania Shaw

Supplies Used:

Everything from the One Story Down July Block Party
One Fine Day By Tracy Martin, Flutter Expressions, and Sissy Sparrows (July Block Party Collab from One Story Down)
Your My Heaven by JM Designs
One Fine Day Page Borders by The Ardent Sparrow

**For the July Block Party Scraplift Challenge at One Story Down we scraplifted a layout by Anna-Maria Wolniak.

This second layout I did for the Fashion Show Challenge, just a simple challenge to use at least 75% of the product from the Block Party. Mission easily accomplished!

Beautiful Day Smile Digital Scrapbook Page by Tania Shaw

Supplies Used:

Everything from the One Story Down July Block Party
One Fine Day By Tracy Martin, Flutter Expressions, and Sissy Sparrows (July Block Party Collab from One Story Down)
Your My Heaven by JM Designs
Instamatik No. 2 Templates by Peeps & Milo

Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


July 19, 2012

My friend has been learning to die and spin her own yarn. She made this just for me and I can’t wait to do something. I haven’t been knitting much lately, but this beauty has me inspired!!


They Are Home!

July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Well almost wordless, love those grandparents!!