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Hello new domain –

August 16, 2010

So it’s that time, to say goodbye to my free blog here at and move over to my own domain. I actually wanted to do this some time ago, but the domain was unavailable for purchase. It recently opened up and I snagged it right away. After a couple of weeks of blog design, and importing posts and comments and photos, I think the new place is all ready to go.


So please, update your readers and your bookmarks and join me at This site will remain here for a few months until everyone has found there way over. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I promise it’s worth it. I’ll be posting all my usual scrapbook pages & art journal pages there and sharing thoughts on motherhood and crafting and life. See you there!

Latest Art Journal Page

August 2, 2010

I’m about a week behind uploading this to my blog, it was such a busy week! I have a ton more scrapbooking to share as well, but that will wait for another day. Right now I wanted to just share my latest Art Journal pages. I’m slowly making progress on the Tell Your Story prompts from Elsie and Rachel from Red Velvet Art.

I used a lot of Danielle’s products, printed out of course, on this page.

Kitschy Digitals kits used: Granny’s Attic, Granny’s Sewing Kit, Candy Coated Garden Kit, Woodgrain Frames Kit, and You Are Awesome Mini Kit. Font is Playful by Crystal Wilkerson (used in titles)

So if you are interested and are having a hard time reading my handwriting, my Dream List:

I want to have a career that lets me be creative

I want to write a book about a girl and a boy

I want to send Joel to culinary school

I want to finally have that wedding…the theme=daisies

My littler dreams:

I want to learn to sew, how to crochet and how to decorate cakes.

Not huge things, and I know they will all come true :)

I went to the renegade craft fair last weekend and had a blast. I’ll be back soon with my favorites. I didn’t take a lot of photos, the lighting was weird in there for my point and shoot and bad photog skills, but I did get biz cards and will be linking up some great stuff. You’ll want to remember this post for xmas shopping! Handmade Christmas again this year!

Words I never thought I’d say

July 30, 2010


Seriously, I never thought I’d say them. Well, that’s not entirely true, in 2004 I had about 4 baby pink t-shirts, but that didn’t last long. Anyway Lulu in pink is just the freakin’ cutest thing in the world. Case in point:

She Stole My Heart Digital Scrapbooking Page

I took a look through my gallery and there are not very many all pink layouts, if I use it, I use it with other colors. Total, I counted 2 pink themed pages.

This page was a lot of fun to make. I didn’t have ONE kit to use, like I usually do. So I pulled together some things I’ve never used, made the patterned paper and hearts, recolored some things I wanted to use that didn’t quite fit and there you have it, one cute pink layout. Here’s what I used:

From Kitschy Digitals:

Flowers from Candy Coated Garden

Kitschy Digitals Candy Coated Garden Kit

(I had to show you that newest kit, those little flowers are just incredibly adorable!)

Fabric Covered Buttons
Pin from Granny’s Sewing Basket
Vintage Cabinet Cards
Houndstooth Paper & Cute cutout (both slightly re-colored) from Olivia Digital Kit (at 2Peas)

Playful font by Crystal Wilkerson @
Outdoor Fun Tag by Corina Nielsen from Summer Blossoms Collab @
Kraft Paper by Gina Miller from Plain Jayne Paper Pack @ The LilyPad
Frame from Brush Frames by Love Elsie for KI Memories @
Polkadot Glitter by Kristen Rice from This Girl
“Heart” WordArt by Stephanie2 from PippisDreamDoodles @ The Daily Digi
Date Border by Amanda Resende from Border Date (retired)

Striped Tape Free Tape Strips download from

Pink Patterned Paper and Heart by me

Steampunk Festivals

July 25, 2010

So I had heard the word Steampunk a couple times last year, and I honestly didn’t get it, until I went to a local Steampunk Festival, the Great Handcar Regatta, here in town. Joel and I had an absolute blast, it was the hottest day of the year and we had the kids and my Mom along, and none of them were as interested in the festivities as Joel and I. It was dusty, and sunny, and there were bearded ladies and tattooed men walking all over. The costumes were my favorite part. Joel loved the handcar races, and the neat contraptions built from old turn of the century materials. Joel and I plan on going again this year, just the two of us. I can hardly wait! Here’s a couple photos Joel took of the race participants last year. Carnival Frame strips and Vintage Frames from Kitschy Digitals/Danielle Thompson.

I heard that a nearby town, Petaluma, was starting it’s own festival, the Rivertown Revival. It was fun, there weren’t as many steampunk contraptions around to gawk at, but there was a Bearded lady, great music, and lots of great artists and crafters.

photo of steampunk clothes and accessories

steampunk accessories

steampunk typewriter and other accessories

vintage toys rivertown revival

I found a great local crafter, Rock and Roll Crafts, she had some really cute stuff, like paper and fabric crowns, upcycled vintage posters made into mouse pads, and kitschy accessories, plus some adorable dioramas (which are in her Etsy shop!), I should have taken more photos and closeups, I thought Joel was taking photos but he obviously didn’t take many. It’s hard to get him to let go of the camera at these things. Here’s two shots of her booth he did get.

rock and roll crafts rivertown revivial

rock and roll crafts, rivertown revival 2

Their boat races weren’t nearly as fun as the handcar races though, but maybe they’ll be better next year. We did take the kids and the highlight for Lulu was the kite making booth.

kite flying rivertown revival

JT’s kite didn’t fly well and he was bummed, but he really enjoyed the boats. Here he is in front of the giant floating Wine and Cheese basket. The wine was flowing freely, of course, we’re in Sonoma County!

Here’s Joel enjoying one of our favorite beers, Lagunitas, who were the exclusive beer vendor. They are always supportive of the arts community in Sonoma County, which makes them even better in my mind.

That mustache Joel is sporting is to that he’ll look more authentic in his costume when we go to the Handcar Regatta in September (that and he knows that it drives me crazy!). September is coming fast, I need to get our costumes! Maybe I’ll come back with a post after I do some costume shopping.

Here’s a couple more shots, the music was great (not exactly sure what band was playing but they were fun!)

(PS, Joel took most of the photos, except the beer, band and barn photos, they were all edited by me using the Bitty Baby actions by Gina Miller and other tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way)

One Buck Wednesday

July 21, 2010

Sorry for the purely promotional post, I was on a staycation last week and enjoyed some much needed time away from blogs and even stayed off of Facebook a fair bit. I’m trying to get caught up at work, and with all my scrapbooking stuff. But I couldn’t let Wednesday go by without letting anyone out there reading know that both Danielle and Crystal have fantastic kits up for sale for the One Dollar Wednesday sale at

Danielle’s fantastic Vintage photo frames are only a dollar, I use these in A LOT of my pages.

And Crystal has these two packs up for only a $1 also, there are SO many papers in there, it’s a steal (originally $12!!!)!

Catching Up Part 2 – Rachel Young Designs

July 7, 2010

(I keep saving my drafts instead of publishing them, so sorry for the double post today.)

I was so HAPPY when I found out that Rachel Young was going to be moving her store to The LilyPad. I was a bit sad I wouldn’t have an excuse to hang around the seriously talented folks at ScrapArtist anymore, but there is still their monthly clinics, which are great, so I’ll have to make more of an effort to do those. I have to say I love having Rachel and the rest of her team at The LilyPad and can check in on new kits and the team when I check in daily at the Pad.

She’s slowly adding her favorites to the store and contributed to the Build Your Own Collab for July and has some REALLY great things coming up too. Here’s the last three pages I’ve done for Rachel. I’m not sure the first one has products that are back for sale yet, but the second two are definitely in the store, the blinkie to your right is now updated, so click through to see her stuff. Credits are found here in my gallery at

Catching Up – Pages for The LilyPad

July 6, 2010

I haven’t been blogging lately, so busy, but I always am willing to share my scrapbooking, so here’s the last week and a half worth of pages for The LilyPad! I kinda went a bit nuts, there’s a lot of pages here. Between finishing up the challenges in the forums, new products, and the release of the Build Your Own Collab for July, um, there’s 9 pages here! Credits can be seen here in my gallery at

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more pages for Rachel Young, who’s back designing after a month off with her precious new baby boy, and in a new store too :)


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